Monday, February 20, 2017

Missing Cat found!

Missing cat! Veg has been missing from owner's home at Mahoto Margar, Bhaisepati since past few days. Veg was recently neutered. Owner & family are very sad since Veg went missing. Veg is a friendly cat but can be a bit timid with strangers. If you are staying around Mahoto Margar, Bhaisepati & happened to see Veg, kindly notify us immediately. Please help to share this post. Thank you.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Micho & his sibling

Meet Micho & his sibling, Shy. Both are male & nearly 3 months old. Micho & Shy were rescued from a restaurant. Recently, another sibling of them, Salem, a black kitten got adopted. Micho was adopted before but was returned back as he doesnt do well being the only kitten in the house. Micho is clingy with his brother Shy. Micho is hiss sometimes but mean no harm. Whereas Shy is extremely shy. Both kittens needs time to get use to humans. Micho & Shy are preferibly to be adopted together. If you have experience with cats & would like to give Micho & Shy a forever loving home together, kindly INBOX us. Both kittens are litter trained, dewormed & deflea. Thank you. (Micho is a tabby kitty & Shy is a white kitty)

Story of Chimi

Meet Chimi, a female tuxedo cat of about 5yrs old. Chimi was one of the 5 cats that was abandoned by her owner in a shelter. Living in a shelter for many years has made Chimi aloof, depressed & traumatized. As a result, she became severely sick & nearly lost her life last year. She was brought to Dr Sushil of AMC Clinic & survived. Chimi was then put under a care of an amazing fosterer. In every tunnel of darkness, there is always a light. Chimi's fosterer, Bec, decided to give a forever loving home to her. When Chimi came to Bec, she was still depress. Nobody could touch her. Months went by, she started gaining trust back in humans. Little did everyone know, Chimi love to eat bread. Often, she would sneak into the kitchen & steal a slice. Everyone in the house was amused by her sneaky behaviour & love for bread. After a couple of months, Bec decided to adopt a kitten, Timtam. Chimi was a bit unhappy but she eventually softened. Chimi & Timtam became amazing buddies tho Chimi has firmly notified Timtam that she is the Queen of the house. A huge thank you to Bec & her daughters for adopting Chimi & Timtam as well as sharing these beautiful pictures. We hope more cat lovers will open their heart in adopting adult cats. Adopting adult cats will save their lifes from euthanasia. Adopt adult cats!

Baily in best home care

Remember Baily, the cat who suffered from severe mange? He is doing absolutely fine & chubbier. Well loved by owner & family. Thank you Aditya for giving Baily the best home with lots of tender, love, care & sharing these lovely pictures with us.

13th February 2017 Update

Piper has been discharged today. She is under a foster care. Piper medical cost & the total amount donated by the generous people to pay off her medical bill will be posted on our next update.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

11th February 2017 Updates

Piper is walking on her 4 legs now. We took her for another xray to check on her left hind leg healing process. She will be discharged after 3 days.

10th February 2017 Updates

Piper is recuperating well. Dr Sushil jokingly said ," She can do Shakira shake now." Piper will due to return to fosterer home soon.